Help Update 1 for RAD Studio, Delphi & C++Builder 2010


29.10.09 Вышло обновление справки для RAD Studio, Delphi & C++Builder 2010.

У меня эта штука сегодня скачалась и поставилась сама, вот что об этом пишет разработчик:

Contents: Improvements in Help Update 1

In the VCL:

  • Documentation has been completed for the StdConvs unit.
  • Documentation has been completed for the GestureMgr unit, which was new in the RTM release.
  • Documentation has been added for many of the DataSnap APIs. See the DSConnect, DSHTTP, DSProd, DSServer units.
  • New resurfaced intrinsic ROUTINES are documented.
  • The documentation team has fixed approximately 25 bugs reported on customer forums and in direct customer feedback.

In the IDE topics:

  • The documentation team has fixed approximately 20 bugs reported in QC, RAID, or direct customer feedback.
  • The View > History command is now documented.

Known Problems in the Help for Delphi and C++Builder 2010

See Known Problems in the Help.

  • Links in the VCL help from other units to the ActnColorMaps, ActnCtrls, ActnList, ActnMan and ActnMenus units are broken. Links within and between those units work fine, and links from those units to other units also work. This problem has already been fixed for future releases.
  • For Japanese, French, and German, there are minor issues in the table of contents.
  • Some English content has not yet been translated.
  • There are several areas where content is missing or incomplete, as tracked on Quality Central.

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